I'm an art historian, I live on the Wirral and I like to make art. I also have a degenerative eye condition that recently caused me to become registered as 'sight impaired'- (admittedly not the best line to begin a light-hearted blog with, but stick with me, it gets funnier).

​The essays on this site are about gradual sight loss from my hazy perspective - what it is, how it happened, learning to live with it, continuing to make art ('cos you need a decent set of eyes to do that, don't you?) etc, etc. And by the way, I'm talking about the kind of sight loss that effects every aspect of your life, including your ability to walk unscathed through a field full of cacti (what do you mean, that would never happen?) Also, it might be useful for anyone who’s going through a similar thing or for anyone who needs a laugh at someone else's expense (I'm kidding). It's not inspirational nor is it a self-help guide, because I don't have any idea how to do any of that. These are simply the observations of a middle-aged woman who sees life (particularly the bad stuff) as a never-ending source of comedy gold. And, as I said, take a read and don’t panic, a lot of it is actually quite hilarious. 

PS: If you have no idea what an art historian is (and let's be honest, not many people do), then check out my 'professional' blog here: www.simeonsolomon.com

Cloudlander: Definition - Someone who lives on the edge of sight.

A woman wearing dark sunglasses on the back of her head
"You Can See Through Those Glasses?!"
What the Hell is Degenerative Myopia?

A woman's finger reaches out to touch the paw of a black cat
"That's Not the Cat, it's a Black Bin Bag"
Seeing is Not Always Believing

A red and blue pair of glasses drawn by a child
Indiana Jones & the Spectacles of Doom
In the Beginning

A cross-section diagram of an eye
"I've Never Been to Scunthorpe Before"
The Semi-Detached Retina

An eye and part of a face covered in red
Red Right Hand
The Macular Vernacular

Coming Soon!
A white cane rests of a woman's knee
"You Think I Need What?!"
Cane Training 101

Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Cane Training 102

Coming Soon!